“Hello World! Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!” The ultimate WordPress starter post for beginners/experts. The initial post by WordPress itself on setup. Beginners/experts in a sense that, it is traditionally used by rookie programmers to a programming language while getting an output and also provided by WordPress on installation.


So why Hello World!?

Even though every single WordPress blog starts with this post but has no use other than trashing it into the trash, I really wanted to make use of this post. Being a developer, every time when I try a new programming language this used to be my first output. So why not make this my first blog post. I still remember when I first learned Programming in C, where printing Hello World! was a great mission. But later it came handy.



My purpose of choosing Hello World as a topic for a blog post is simply my way of executing a programming language for the first time same as writing this blog post. And the purpose of this post is simply start my own blog where I can sharpen and show my skill to the world. I’ve been desperately wanting to write for a long time and was stuck because of my poor writing skill. Regardless of those negativity, only thing that you can do is get a motivation on choosing a topic, follow some of the blogs, get an idea and kick start with your blog.



This is my first blog post and would like to keep up with new topics by sharing my experiences and coming up with good ideas making things simple and niche. Feel free to comment on my posts and any suggestions will be admirable.

#include <stdio.h>

void main() {

printf(“Hello World! See You Soon.”);